Monday 1 June 2015

Binauric Boom Boom Speaker

Binauric Boom Boom Speaker by Mathieu Lehanneur | Source:
Binauric Boom Boom Speaker by Mathieu Lehanneur | Source:
This beautiful object wouldn't look out of place on your mantelpiece, yet it actually functions as a great portable speaker. Weighing in at 350g, the Boom Boom speaker by Binauric is made from recycled plastic and soft-touch silicone, plus it boasts more than 15 hours of playback (that's more than the Jawbone Jambox and Beats Pill!) 

I previously owned a Philips SoundRing, which connects wirelessly via Apple AirPlay. The only problem was that AirPlay requires a WiFi connection, which meant that usage was limited to rooms with good coverage. The Boom Boom's Bluetooth® connection means it can be used practically anywhere, as I discovered with my BOSE SoundLink. The best thing is that Binauric's speaker is compatible with most devices, including those on iOS and Android operating systems. 

 Unlike most wireless speakers, this creation by Mathieu Lehanneur actually records sound with its four microphones in 3D! You're probably thinking 'why on earth would I need that?' but the high recording quality makes it ideal for conference calls and recording music; great for creative and musical types. I'm actually tempted to test the sound quality and possible trade in my weighty 600g SoundLink - I WANT ONE! 

 Buy the Binauric Boom Boom speaker for £150 from

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