Monday 16 March 2015

The Ultimate Smartwatch by TAG Heuer?

The Ultimate Smartwatch by Tag Heuer? | Source: TAG Heuer

Could TAG Heuer's latest announcement mean the ultimate luxury fashion smartwatch by the end of 2015?

Hot on the heels of Apple's first smartwatch, TAG Heuer has announced an exciting new collaboration between arguably the world's finest tech company and watchmakers. The official announcement was made on 19th March at Baselworld by LVMH Group's President of its Watch Division (and CEO of TAG Heuer), Android Wear's Director of Engineering and Intel's Corporate Vice President (and General Manager of its New Devices Group). This news got me thinking, this could be a game-changer... 

This looks to be a new approach for smartwatch developers in that they are starting from design and not technology. As I expressed in my first post, this is fundamental for wearables in the luxury sector and I think that the collaboration definitely has legs. The question is, as was discussing with my other half, how can TAG Heuer retain its iconic beauty and craftsmanship?

There has been no mention of functionality or design of the new TAG Heuer smartwatch as of yet, but I imagine it to be an equal combination of classic watchmaking and mobile technology. Imagine a regular TAG Heuer timepiece in all of its mechanical glory, but with a digital display which appears on the glass at the touch of a button; that would be something worth wearing!

What do you think of the collaboration and how do you picture it?

Read more and watch the announcement on TAG Heuer's site here.

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