Wednesday 23 March 2016

Aries by Ringly

Aries by Ringly Lakeside Lapis Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker
Photo by Ringly
Remember Ringly? Since we wrote about their smart rings, they've introduced a new smart bracelet to the family, named Aries. We were so excited when we saw the beautiful, editorial-style product photography that we had to share the love!

Aries by Ringly Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker
Photo by Ringly
Similar to the original Ringly ring, Aries communicates calls, messages and hundreds of other app notifications view haptic vibrations and light. Say you've booked an Uber but your phone is at the bottom of your bag, so you don't want to have to keep checking; the Aries smart bracelet can be programmed to vibrate once your Uber has arrived. It also acts as a fitness tracker; a much more attractive alternative to other fitness trackers which are widely available to buy.

Aries by Ringly Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker
Photo by Ringly
Available in gold-plated hardware to sit seamlessly next to your jewellery, Aries has released 4 different options for pre-order: Backstage Tourmalated Quartz, Lakeside Lapis (our fave), Photo Booth Rainbow Moonstone and Rendezous Labradorite. With the first orders set to be shipped summer 2016, early supporters get 30% off for a limited time and the first 1,000 bracelet pre-orders will receive a real diamond on the side of the bracelet where the light shines - want, want, want!

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