Monday 13 April 2015

Ringly's Smart Ring

Ringly Gold Smart Ring
Photo by Ringly
Ringly's first smart ring enables its wearer to 'disconnect' from mobile devices, only sending urgent notifications through vibrations and light. Unlike the Herm├Ęs Apple watch and MICA bracelet, this smart accessory doesn't have a screen, which we quite like seeing as it doesn't distract from the design and excludes the risk of any broken screens.

The size of Ringly's tech-laden gemstone is surprisingly wearable and the quality of materials is amazing (no fake gemstones here!)  Available in 18k matte gold, there are 5 precious and semi-precious stones to choose from: Black Onyx (Stargaze), Pink Sapphire (Wine Bar), Rainbow Moonstone (Daydream), Emerald (Into the Woods) and Tourmalated Quartz (Dive Bar). The only downfall is that not everyone likes wearing rings sadly, so if you prefer your wristwear then take a look at Ringly's latest addition to the range, the Aries smart bracelet.

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