Monday 25 May 2015

Which of Fashion's Biggest Influencers are Wearing the Apple Watch?

Anna Wintour Wearing Apple Watch | Source:

Anna Wintour:
Being the editor-in-chief of the world's biggest fashion magazine, there's no doubt that Anna Wintour has a huge influence on what we wear. Whether she's on the FROW or going about her daily Vogue duties, I can't imagine Anna Wintour being any less than extremely busy, making her the ideal fashion ambassador for what is essentially a 21st century PA. 

Karl Lagerfeld Wearing Apple Watch Edition in Gold | Source:

Karl Lagerfeld:
When it comes to fashion designers who love to toot their own horn, Karl is King. The Chanel designer puts his face on everything; who better to shout about this OTM accessory? 

Beyoncé, an undeniable fashion icon, owns a money-can't-buy version of Apple Watch Edition with a solid gold link bracelet (cue Irreplaceable reference). In this particular shot, from Queen B's very own Beyoncé.com, she's just casually going about her daily life... on her way to Coachella on a private jet of course! Queen B is way too cool for intentional product placement shots, but this makes it seem so much more authentic. I wonder what she actually uses her Apple Watch for? I guess that Coachella would be the ideal time to wear a smartwatch; you don't want to be partying with phone in hand!

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