Monday 6 July 2015

Must-Have Alarm Clocks

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Start your day right and wake up in style with one of these cool alarm clocks. Whether you're a sleepy sloth or an early bird, there are so many variations out there to suit every type of riser...

1. The iPhone Fanboy: Beech Alarm Dock by Jonas Damon
Beech iPhone Alarm Dock Clock by Jason Damon
If you simply must use your iPhone's alarm to get you up in the morning, then it may be worth getting one of these cool iPhone accessories by Jason Damon. I also love Fliqlo, a retro-style flip clock app, which is ideal to use in conjunction with the alarm dock.

Available at

2. The Caffeine Addict: The Barisieur
The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock by Joshua Renauf

This stylish update on the infamous Teasmade appears to be part alarm clock, part laboratory. Ball bearings in a type of conical flask heat the water by induction; genius! Unfortunately, The Barisieur (by Nottingham Trent University Product Design Graduate Joshua Renouf) is not yet available to buy but you can sign up for updates here.

3. The Lazy One: Kikkerman Clap-On Alarm Clock
Kikkerman Clap-On Alarm Clock

At just the clap of your hands this little wooden cube will light up with the time; perfect for those who can hardly be bothered to move in the morning! 

Available at

4.The Multi-Tasker: Gingko Click Clock Lamp
Gingko Click Clock Lamp

The Gingko Click Clock doubles as a lamp for your bedside table and shows date, time and temperature. Like the Kikkerman Clap-On Clock, Gingko clocks are also responsive to sound such as the click of your fingers and tapping on the bedside table. 

Available at

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