Monday 10 August 2015

The Best Fashion Apps for Men & Women

The Best Fashion Apps for Men & Women
Who needs a stylist when you can now get personal fashion recommendations and the latest news in the palm of your hands? My recommendations for the top fashion apps are based on my own usage and many of the below I've been using for months, if not years! What's more is that all of these apps cater to both men and women and are available across various operations platforms, so now you really have no excuse for a wardrobe malfunction ;)

For your favourite brands: Shopstyle 
The Shopstyle app is one of my long-standing favourites. The latest update to the app is a personalised dashboard or 'Tailored Shops', which suggests items based on your favourite brands. You can also search items across the web in one convenient place by size, colour and many more variables, which saves so much time! Plus, if you've saved an item to your favourites, you can receive a push notification when that item's price drops. Genius.

The Best Fashion Apps for Men & Women | Source: Shopstyle

For style curation: Polyvore
If you're the creative type, then you'll love Polyvore. You can create your own collages or 'sets' from items you love to create editorial-style looks without Photoshop. If you're a blogger, you can also publish sets directly to Google Blogger or your social channels. 

The Best Fashion Apps for Men & Women | Source: Polyvore
For style discovery: The Edit
Like Tinder, swipe left to discard and right to save items. I've come across some really nice items from stores that I'd never usually think to shop from, so it's a brilliant app if you're not sure what you're after. Plus, no matter which store the items are from, you can buy them all via the app's checkout; very handy!

For scrapbook lovers: Pinterest 
As a very visual person, im addicted to Pinterest. Boards are like digital pin boards with all of your favourite cuttings. Create mood boards for a new creative project or simply curate collections of items you love; the possibilities are endless. Check out my personal profile below for some 'Pinspiration.'

The Best Fashion Apps for Men & Women | Source: Pinterest

For the latest blog updates: Bloglovin' 
Last but by no means least is Bloglovin', which is the best way to keep tabs on your favourite blogs. The app makes following blogs super convenient, allowing you to catch up whilst on your daily commute. The site doesn't even need to be registered with Bloglovin' to be able to follow it; just add the URL and you're done! Don't forget to follow me though ;)

The Best Fashion Apps for Men & Women | Source: Bloglovin'

Do you use any apps which are better? Let me know in the comment box :)

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