Monday 3 August 2015

Digital Detox Jewellery

Kovert Altruis digital detox wearable ring and necklace | Source:

Kate Unsworth, founder of Kovert Designs, believes that Apple's Watch "won’t only be a failure, it’ll have a negative impact on their brand as a whole", as revealed in a recent interview with Alex Wood on

Like Ringly, Kate's range of 'digital detox jewellery' aims to keep obtrusive notifications to a minimum, allowing us to truly live in the moment. Being Kovert is about "using our time wisely, and our technology mindfully", which is why the jewellery only vibrates with messages from specific contacts or those which contain certain keywords.

Kovert Altruis App | Source:

Whilst Apple Watch notifications are also customisable, I imagine that a simple glance could still come across as being rude in social situations, much like checking the time. Do you really need to check Kim K's latest butt selfie there and then anyway? I thought not. But then again, the contactless payment and travel capabilities are appealing. 

As a coveteur of all things Monica Vinader, I'm really drawn to the design of the Altruis jewellery; it's dainty, stylish and actually wearable! The Altruis range even has some striking similarities to the Baja collection by Monica Vinader, with its geometric, Art Deco inspired shape. Unfortunately however, the Altruis 'digital detox jewellery' can only be previewed online, although you can sign up to the waiting list here. What's exciting, though, is the prospect of a number of designer collaborations with various price points, to be announced towards the end of this year. Kate also revealed to that they're working on a range for men, so stay posted!

Kovert Altruis Digital Detox Wearable Jewellery | Source:
Not only do I love the design of the jewellery, but the brand ethos is one that I can really relate to, being a nomad boater myself. Kate believes that the Apple Watch is feeding our technology addiction, and that whilst we may think that we need one, we'll end up resenting Apple for "tipping us over the edge". That's the reason why the Kovert 'tribe' get together in London, NYC and LA for dinner, group meditation, yoga and Kovert hosted 'digital detox retreats'

For me, the topic of wearables and how they should incorporate notifications is a thought provoking subject. On one hand (excuse the pun), a notification screen may provide the convenience of not having to dig around your handbag for your phone, but are these devices attractive enough for the fashion set? On the other hand, a screenless wearable means that ultimately you are going to have to do a bit of digging, but at least it'll be worthwhile and fashionably executed.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box!

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